A cash cube, or money blowing machine, is a familiar sight, with many guests recalling the cash cubes of television history, appearing in shows such as Crystal Maze. The cash cube rental is one of the most simple games out there, for all the player needs to do is grab as much cash as they can. However, this sounds deceptively easy as you will discover when you step inside the cash cube money machine. Although guests will recognise the cashcube, many will have never had the money blower experience, making our money blowing machine rental a unique choice for your next function or event.

You can hire cash cubes for any type of event, be it a wedding, private party, or Christmas party. You can also rent cash cubes for corporate functions, promotions, or product launches, as the play money can be branded to suit your company or product. The money blower machine has bright lights and sound effects to draw in the crowds, but its compact size also helps it settle into any sized venue without being too over-bearing. Of course as soon as the money grab machine starts up it can’t help but steal the limelight of the party. Hire cash cube as a form of entertainment for all to enjoy, with both spectators and players alike enjoying the great fun the money machine game has to offer. You can also increase the competitive element of the cash grab machine by awarding prizes to the best money grabbers of the party.

If you want to rent cash cube give our sales team a call. You can hire our cashcubes from anywhere in the UK, seven days a week, and our team will deliver and set up the equipment wherever it suits you. Our cash cubes can be hired for both indoor and outdoor events, and as mentioned above their compact size allows them to fit almost any sized venue. To find out more about this and about our other fantastic products and services give our sales team a call. Our vast experience in the entertainment industry allows us to offer fantastic advice and guidance in selecting your chosen entertainment, ensuring that the perfect entertainment is chosen for your unique event. We have a wide range of products that work well alongside the cash cube, including other exhibition stand games. If you are looking for something different that will draw in the crowds and excite your guests for the duration of your event, then look no further than the fantastically familiar cash cube.